May 15, 2017:  There has been an enormous amount of scholarly publications on Vietnam (including South Vietnam) and the diaspora in the last two years.  Other responsibilities make it impossible for me to maintain this bibliography.  I’m going to delete this bibliography in the next few months and, possibly, replace it with lists of specific and narrow topics relevant to my research: e.g., Vietnamese-language memoirs of former reeducation camp prisoners.

People with a serious interest on the studies of Vietnam and the diaspora may wish to subscribe to two listservs that regularly announce recent scholarship.  First is the Vietnam Studies Group (VSG); subscribe to it by emailing Dr. Judith Henchy at Second is Grapevine, which sends out daily announcements on various matters; contact Prof. Olga Dror at


This bibliography is related to my research interests in the history of culture & intellect in South Vietnam and the history of Vietnamese in the U.S., broadly defined.

I aim to be selective than comprehensive in compilation, and update it continuously.  I welcome notices of important publications about any category below, plus information about important archival holdings.  Please let me know at

On VIETNAM STUDIES generally, Olga Dror (Texas A&M) and Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox (Western Connecticut State University) have solicited from the Vietnam Studies Group (VSG) an impressive list of recent and annotated publications.  These bibliographies can be found at the VSG web page currently hosted at the University of Washington (webmistress: Judith Henchy).  Click here for other web resources on the studies of Vietnam.

Researchers on the DIASPORA may want to check out Mark E. Pfeifer’s growing bibliography, which includes a number of recent dissertations.

On the VIETNAM WAR, the best bibliography remains that of Edwin Moïse at Clemson University.

There is also long but uncategorized bibliography from University of Washington.  It hasn’t been updated since the mid-1990s, but may be helpful for researchers looking for publications prior to that time.