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  • Lieu, Nhi T. The American Dream in Vietnamese. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2011.


  • Huỳnh Hữu Ủy. Nghệ Thuật Tạo Hình Việt Nam Hiện Đại. Westminster, CA: Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association, 2008.  This is the most comprehensive work on the subject of modern art, mostly painting, including works in the diaspora.  The illustrations are very nicely reproduced.  Though listed in WorldCat, it surprisingly neither appears on Google Books nor is available on Amazon (as of July 2015).  It does not even appear on the Wikipedia page about the author, himself a practicing artist. This fine volume deserves wider circulation, especially among non-specialists and serious readers.


The titles below are about literary productions in English or Vietnamese.  It should be stressed, however, that scholarship on Vietnamese American literature has focused overwhelmingly on English-language works and leaves a large lacuna on the massive production of Vietnamese-language poetry and fiction in the U.S. and elsewhere since 1975.  In addition to the titles listed below, Vietnamese in the U.S. and the diaspora have published a great deal of creative works and literary criticism at websites such as Hợp Lưu; see the blogroll of this website for more.



Eric Henry at UNC Chapel Hill has maintained a searchable website about popular music.

At are several lists of albums made in the diaspora during 1975-1990.

Jason Gibbs website includes links to various articles he has published in English or Vietnamese.  Check out his blog to find translated lyrics of many Vietnamese songs.