• “Ethnicity and Community Identity in Southeast Asia,” UC Berkeley-UCLA Southeast Asian Studies Conference, UCLA (February) 
    • Presenter, “Vietnamese Marianism in the Twentieth Century”


  • The Conversation on the Liberal Arts annual conference, Westmont College (February)
    • Participant
  • Humanities & Teacher Education Division Symposium, Seaver College, Pepperdine University (February)
    • Presenter, “Exilic Catholicism: Vietnamese Catholic Refugees in America, 1975-1990”

HUTE symposium


  • The Workshop “Studying Republican Vietnam: Issues, Challenges, and Prospects,” University of Oregon (October)
    • Presenter, “Pray the Rosary and Do Apostolic Work: the Catholic Associational Culture in the Republic of Vietnam” ~ Click here for the slideshow.
University of Oregon, October 2019
  • The Triennial Conference on the History of Women Religious, Saint Mary’s College (IN) (June)
    • Presenter, “The Resettlement of Vietnamese Refugee Women Religious in the United States, 1975-1977”
  • The Teaching Professor Annual Conference, New Orleans (June)
    • Participant
  • The Institute on General Education and Assessment annual workshop, Association of American Colleges & Universities, University of Vermont (June)
    • Participant
With Pepperdine colleagues at the IGEA workshop, University of Vermont. This is Bernie’s hometown and he sure stopped by to say hello.
  • Association for Core Texts and Courses, Annual Conference, Santa Fe (April)
    • Presenter, “Viola the Outsider”
  • Association of Asian Studies, Annual Conference, Denver (March)
    • Organizer & chair, panel “Vietnamese Engagement with Global and Transnational Catholicism: New Directions in Scholarship”
The AAS 2019 panel on Vietnamese Catholicism


  • Association for Core Texts and Courses, the Global General Education and Asian Texts: What Should Students Read? Conference, Concordia University Irvine (July)
    • Presenter, “Not Lovers But Friends: The Final Decision in The Tale of Kieu”
    • Chair, the panel “Religion and Texts: Talking Across Barriers”
  • Association for Core Texts and Courses, Annual Conference, Framingham, MA (April)
    • Presenter, “New Money, New Love: Naval Officers in Persuasion.”
    • Chair, the panel “Displacement: Refugees, Immigrants, Rebels”
  • American Comparative Literature Association, Annual Meeting, UCLA (March)
    • Presenter, “The Exilic Mind in the Literature of Vietnamese Refugees”
  • Association of Asian Studies, Annual Conference, Washington, DC (March)
    • Presenter, “Ultramontanism, Nationalism, and the Fall of Saigon: Historicizing Vietnamese Catholicism in America”
ACLA @ UCLA: Participants in the seminar “Southeast Asian Literature & Cultural Politics in the Diaspora”


  • Invited talk for the series Vietnamese Program Speaker, The Vietnamese Program, Department of Modern Languages & Literatures, California State University, Fullerton (November)
    • Presenter, “From Reeducation Camps to Little Saigons: Vietnamese Postwar Incarceration and Diasporic Anticommunist Protests”
      Vietnamese Speaker Flyer reeducation camp 2017
  • Association for Core Texts and Courses, Annual Conference, Dallas (April)
    • Presenter, “Viola the Refugee”
    • Chair & organizer, the panel “Outsiders in Core Texts”
    • Chair, the panel “Opportunities and Difficulties of Cross-Cultural, Cross-Civilizational Texts and Programs”
ACTC 2017
Spring 2017 ~ With Kathleen Burk, ACTC’s incoming executive director.
  • Association for Core Texts and Courses, Biennial Student Conference, Concordia University Irvine (March)
    • Faculty participant & judge on panel to select best papers
  • Invited talk on the panel “Vietnam in Context,” Rollins College (January 29)
    • Presenter, “Family & Nation: Starting Points Towards a History of Vietnamese Refugees in the U.S.”
  • Above: Panel with Rep. Stephanie Murphy (FL), herself a former Vietnamese refugee, moderated by Prof. Marianne DiQuattro (Rollins College, 2017)
  • Below: With Nhung Walsh at Engaging with Vietnam (University of Hawaii’, 2016)



  • Humanities & Teacher Education Division Symposium (October)
    • Presenter, “One Vision, Two Projects: The Fall of Troy and the Fall of Saigon–and How to Get Them Done in the Next Ten Years!”
  • The Eighth Engaging with Vietnam: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue Conference, University of Hawai’i at Manoa (October)
    • Presenter, “Lost, Mourned, and Retrieved:  Identity and the Nation in the Music of Vietnamese Refugees, 1975-1990”
    • Chair & discussant, the panel “War, Art, and Memory”
    • Chair & discussant, the panel “Vietnamese Diasporic Community, Scholarship, and Art”
    • Discussant, the keynote session “Music, Politics, Commercialization in Contemporary Vietnam”
  • Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC) Conference, Cal State University, Northridge (June)
    • Presenter, “Lost, Mourned, and Retrieved:  Identity and the Nation in the Music of Vietnamese Refugees, 1975-1990”
    • Organizer, the panel “Postwar Music in Vietnam and the Diaspora”
  • Association for Core Texts and Courses (ACTC), Annual Conference, Atlanta (April)
    • Presenter, “Shock, Loss, Grief: The Fall of Troy and the Fall of Saigon”

ACTC 2016 title


  • Pepperdine University, Convocation panel (October)
    • Organizer & moderator, “Who Is A Refugee? Pepperdine Faculty and Staff Sharing Their Experience as Refugees and Children of Refugees”
  • Pacific Council on International Policy, Los Angeles, monthly luncheon (September)
    • Moderator, the panel “Newfound Friends: Prospects for American and Vietnamese Partnership”
  • Lilly Graduate Fellows Conference Current Trends in Christian Scholarship and the Future of the Christian University, Pepperdine University (August)
    • Presenter, “‘Cradle Catholic–Ridiculous Phrase; Who Invented It?’: My Religious Upbringing and Historical Sensibility”
Participants in the one-day workshop on Vietnamese in the U.S., Occidental College (March 2015)


  • The Sixth Engaging with Vietnam: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue Conference, University of Oregon (November)
    • Presenter, “From Reeducation Camps to Little Saigons: Historicizing Vietnamese American Anticommunism”
    • Panel organizer, “Vietnamese in the Diaspora: Culture, History, and Identity”
    • Discussant, the keynote session “Centers and Their Cultural Peripheries”
  • Association for Core Texts and Courses, Annual Conference, Los Angeles (April)
    • Presenter, “Teaching Molière’s Tartuffe and the Comic Spirit in Great Books”
Serving as discussant at the Engaging with Vietnam conference, University of Oregon, 2014


  • ASPAC/WCAAS Joint Conference, Pomona College (June)
    • Presenter, “Viet Ve Nuoc My: Vietnamese Immigrants Writing About America”


  • SEATRiP Colloquium Series, University of California, Riverside (May)
    • Presenter, “From Hanoi to Saigon: Discourse on Individualism in Mid-Century Vietnam”


  • Beyond Dichotomies: Alternative Voices and Histories in Post-Colonial Vietnam, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Washington (May)
    • Presenter, “The Promotion of Bourgeois Values in Saigon”
  • Association for Asian Studies, Annual Conference, Atlanta (April)
    • Presenter, “Anticommunist and Bourgeois Values in Saigon, 1955-1960”
  • The US and the Pacific World, The American West Center, University of Utah (February)
    • Presenter, “Political and Cultural Linkages: South Vietnamese Urban Society and Postwar Vietnamese-American Settlements”

UW 2018 conference


  • Association for Asian Studies, Annual Conference, Boston (March)
    • Presenter, “Ethnic Nationalism in Wartime Southern Vietnamese Music
    • Organizer, the panel “Vietnamese Nationalism from Wartime to Present”
  • New Vietnam War Revisionism, Williams College (February)
    • Participant


  •  Great Lakes History Annual Conference, Grand Valley State University (October)
    • Presenter, “The Impact of Americanization on the South Vietnamese Urban Society”
  • Going with the Past: Vietnamese Traditional Culture in Contemporary Society, Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture, and Society, Temple University (October)
    • Presenter, “The Hoc Lam Nguoi (Learning To Be Human) Books in Modern Vietnamese Culture”
  • Southeast Asian Studies Graduate Conference, Cornell University (April)
    • Presenter, “Nationalism, Personalism, and Vatican II: The Origin of Anti-Americanism From the Catholic Left in South Vietnam”
  • Gender Myths, Gender Meanings: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference on Gender in East, South and Southeast Asia, Harvard University (April)
    • Presenter, “The Diminishment of Manhood: The Role of Gender in the Protest Movement of South Vietnamese Disabled Veterans, 1970-1971”
  • ARVN: Reflections and Reassessments After 30 Years, The Vietnam Center, Texas Tech University (March)
    • Presenter, “Economic Deprivation, Diminished Manhood, and Anti-Americanism: The Protest Movement of Disabled ARVN Veterans, 1970-1971”