Photo on 8-16-14 at 2.54 PM #3Thank you for visiting this site. I have taught in the Great Books and history programs at Pepperdine University since Fall 2013, a few months after receiving my doctorate in history from University of Notre Dame. Prior to Pepperdine, I taught adjunct at UC Riverside and the Palm Desert Campus of Cal State San Bernardino, and worked at the L’Arche Wavecrest community in Orange, Calif.

Born in Vietnam – my name is spelled Hoàng Anh Tuấn in Vietnamese – and educated in the U.S. since thirteen, I graduated from high school in the Midwest and a small liberal arts college in Minnesota where I majored in philosophy and enrolled in the Great Books honors program.  Between undergraduate and graduate studies, I lived and worked for ten years in Seattle, mostly at the L’Arche Noah Sealth community, but also in catering at Northwest Hospital.  I currently live in Orange County, whose Little Saigon has the largest population of Vietnamese outside of Vietnam.

Bibliography.  I plan to add more works to various categories over the next year.

Blog.  It is on the main page, and I post at least once a month, usually more, on matters related to teaching, scholarship, and other interests such as reading and music.  My habit tends towards longer and essay-like posts, although I am learning to trim them down. [I’m taking a break for most of the spring and summer of 2017.]

Why tuannyriver?  In college, I lived in the seminary building on campus and worked in its kitchen.  Washing dishes and pots and pans, however, fell to non-kitchen fellows who took turns on a weekly basis. Sometimes in my first year, one of the dishwashers, a junior, saw me nearby and spontaneously started singing Swanee River, a song by Stephen Foster from the 1850s and about the Suwanee River in the American South.  It’s a charming song – here is a live and lively performance by Hugh Laurie, him of House fame – except that the junior sang it as, you guess it, Tuanny River

It has stuck as a sobriquet of sorts, most conveniently as username for my email, FacebookTwitter, old blog, wedding website, and now this website.  For his impromptu creation of this moniker – aren’t the best ones always created spontaneously? – I am forever indebted to Monsignor Mark Merdian of the Diocese of Peoria.

Header photo: Snoqualmie Falls, February 2014