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  • Review of In Camps: Vietnamese Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Repatriates (2020) by Jana K. Lipman, SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia, July 2022.
  • Review of Honorable Exit: How a Few Brave Americans Risked All to Save Our Vietnamese Allies at the End of the Vietnam War (2020) by Thurston Clarke, Michigan War Studies Review, June 2022.
  • Review of Pure Land in the Making: Vietnamese Buddhism in the US Gulf South by Allison Truitt, PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review, March 2022.
  • Review of Television in Post-Reform Vietnam: Nation, Media, Market by Giang Nguyen-Thu, Journal of Asian Studies, February 2021.
  • Review of Ghost Tape #10, produced by Sean David Christensen, Journal of Vietnamese Studies, Fall 2019.
  • Review of Ship of Fate: Memoir of a Vietnamese Repatriate by Trần Đình Trụ (translated by Hoài Bắc Trần and Jana K. Lipman), H-Net, August 2019.
  • Review of The Control War: The Struggle for South Vietnam, 1968–1975 by Martin G. Clemis, Michigan War Studies Review, March 2019.
  • Review of “Socialist Internationalism At Work: Changes in the Czechoslovak-Vietnamese Labor Exchange Program, 1967–1989” by Alena K. Alamgir, Dissertation Reviews, January 2016.
  • Review of A History of the Vietnamese by K.W. Taylor; and Sources of Vietnamese Tradition edited by George E. Dutton, Jayne S. Werner, and John K. Whitmore, diaCRITICS, December 2015.
  • Review of The American War in Contemporary Vietnam: Transnational Remembrance and Representation by Christina Schwenkel,  H-Diplo, February 2011.
  • Review of Invisible Enemies: The American War on Vietnam, 19752000 by Edwin A. Martini, Journal of Vietnamese Studies, January/February 2011.
  • Review of At the Water’s Edge: American Politics and the Vietnam War by Melvin Small, H-Diplo, May 2007.
  • Review of Religion and the Cold War, edited by Dianne Kirby, Cold War History, November 2006.


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