In Fall 2019, I will teach a first-year seminar (FYS) on the history of Asian Americans in the U.S.  To the best of my knowledge, it is the first time that a course on this subject will be offered at Seaver College.

In addition, I have received a grant from the Seaver Dean’s Office to teach an upper-division course on the same subject during Spring 2020, then a graduate-level course for the master’s program in American Studies during Summer 2020.  I look forward to teach all three courses. 

Asian Americans account for about 6% of U.S. population and are the fastest-growing racial minorities today. Taking a historical perspective, this course studies the experience of immigrants from East, South, and Southeast Asia since the nineteenth century: Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Koreans, Indians, Vietnamese, and other groups. Students will examine and analyze a host of experiences among the immigrants such as racism, the stereotype “model minority,” religion, and labor. In consultation with the instructor, each student will also choose a specific topic, research and write a paper on it, and present the research to the class.

For the FYS course in Fall 2019, there are two required books plus supplementary articles and additional primary documents.