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Interviewing Vietnam Studies scholars: Giang Nguyen-Thu on post-reform television

The following email interview took place over the last six months. It began shortly after the Journal of Asian Studies published my review of the monograph by Dr. Giang Nguyen-Thu (Nguyễn Thu Giang): Television in Post-Reform Vietnam: Nation, Media, Market (Routledge, 2019). Please click here to read the review. The photos below were provided by Dr. Nguyen-Thu.

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The next John Quincy Adams

Thanks to a coincidence of spring break and Super Tuesday, I read more election news and analysis this week than any week in my life.  Apolitical in most ways, I think that we are living in interesting times for only the third time in the last three decades.   There was Tiananmen Square in the summer of 1989 and September 11 twelve years later.  Now, this wild and bewildering campaign season. “What is going on, America?” asked my former dissertation advisor at the end of his Christmas letter.  And it was only early January when he wrote it.


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Initial thoughts on “Terror in Little Saigon”

Grading and other obligations kept me from watching this documentary when it was first shown on PBS last week.  But I read the written narrative on the ProPublica website (which isn’t a transcript of the documentary but shares the same materials), and finally watched the documentary online last night.  Here are some thoughts after watching it.

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