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My students on Langdon Gilkey’s Shantung Compound

Chapman cover
This student counts Gilkey’s book among her handful of favorites in the Great Books sequence. ~ pc Cate Chapman

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My article on reeducation camps and anticommunism

Click here for Lan Chu’s introduction.
Here for Mytoan Nguyen-Akbar’s article.
And here for my article. 

My last post is about a long history article on American Catholicism.  This post is about another long one: my own.  It is published in the Journal of Vietnamese Studies, and the entire issue should come out by the end of the month.

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Use the Paracel Islands as prisons!

Browsing a Vietnamese periodical published during late colonialism, I came upon an amusing article about the Paracel Islands.  “After France, Japan, and China,” states the headline, “It is our turn to demand the Paracels.”


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Song of refugees #3 – Ai Trở Về Xứ Việt (Who Are Returning to the Viet Land?)

This song is most interesting because the original lyrics were written in Paris by the writer Minh Đức Hoài Trinh: in 1962 or thirteen years before the Fall of Saigon.

Minh Đức Hoài Trinh in Europe during the 1960s ~ pc

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