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Phỏng vấn về lá cờ VNCH trên BBC Tiếng Việt

Hai hôm trước, Tina Hà Giang tại BBC Vietnamese có phỏng vấn tôi chừng nửa tiếng qua Zoom. Đây là một đoạn ba phút từ cuộc phỏng vấn. Bấm đây đến tiếp nối.

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Why were there flags at the rally-turned-riot on January 6?

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Women provosts at faith-based colleges and universities

My university is having a national search for a new provost. Responsible for academic affairs, the provost is typically the second most important administrative position. The search made me wonder about something that I’d never thought before: who are the current provosts at private and faith-based universities like Pepperdine?

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Quarantine art from my students

Rothman fun #1
Hector saying goodbye to his wife and son before returning to the battlefield. Left: Painting by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, 1812. Right: Quarantine recreation by a student, her parents, and their puppy, 2020.

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Vietnamese American nail salons sewing masks against coronavirus

A salon in Tennessee has converted its nail stations into sewing ones.

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The 2019 biennial congress of Vietnamese priests in the U.S.


The Vietnamese Catholic ethnic press reported widely on this congress but there is hardly anything in English. I am appreciative of Fr. Linh Hoang, OFM (Siena College), who attended the event and filed the write-up below along with the photos.

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Reading John O’Malley’s new book during the Woolsey Fire

Because of the wildfires, the Pepperdine campus in Malibu was closed for over two weeks while classes were being delivered online. Yesterday, students began to return to their dormitories and classes return to “normal” today.  (After the Borderline shooting and the destructive wildfires, there will be quotation marks around the word “normal” for at least the rest of the year, and possibly longer.)

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Vietnamese nationalism & the U23 Asian championship tournament

Two summers ago, Vietnam was in the throes of a series of protests: this time, in reaction to the fish deaths along some of the coastal areas. Widespread, emotional, and nationalistic, the protests were nonetheless carefully monitored and even partially suppressed by the government.  In the last two weeks, and especially since last Saturday (January 20), intense nationalism has again shown up on the streets of Vietnam, but for a different reason: the national men’s soccer team kept advancing in the third Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Under-23 Championship tournament.

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