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The teaching life & student evaluations

Having entered academia in my thirties, I sometimes wondered what it would have been like had I begun graduate school not long after college.  It was, after all, the pattern for the majority of my academic friends, peers, and colleagues.  I couldn’t help wondering where I’d be on the academic ladder as people of my age now.  Yet each time that I thought about it, I always concluded that, most likely, it’d have been a disaster.

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Interviewing historians: C. Michele Thompson on Vietnamese traditional medicine

With under four million people, Connecticut ranks in the lower half of the list of population by state (at 29th).  It is also the third smallest state in geography; only Delaware and Rhode Island are smaller.  If measured, however, by the proportion of academic historians of Vietnam to the population or geographical size, it’d probably rank first among fifty US states and ten Canadian provinces. Continue reading “Interviewing historians: C. Michele Thompson on Vietnamese traditional medicine”

Interviewing academics: Jamie Gillen on tourism in Vietnam

Jamie Gillen at the end of the Engaging with Vietnam conference at University of Hawai’i in Manoa. Next to him is Hoang Minh Vu, doctoral student in history at Cornell. ~ pc Liam Kelley

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My students on Anne Elliot in Persuasion

Amanda Root as Anne Elliot in the 1995 film adaptation. Austen’s placement of Anne’s age at 27, and the fact that many students today are somewhat familiar with Austen’s earlier stuff before going to college, are two good reasons for the millennial generation to read and discuss this novel in college.  ~ pc yooniqimages

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Lịch sử nước Mỹ #9: Cách mạng thương mại châu Âu

Trong bài trước, chúng ta chú ý về vai trò thương mại và thám hiểm ở châu Âu nhất là từ thế kỷ 15 trở lên. Trong bài này, chúng ta nói thêm một chút về ảnh hưởng của thương mại châu Âu đến khám phá châu Mỹ.

Về thời điểm, công cuộc cách mạng thương mại trong lịch sử châu Âu bắt đầu vào khoảng thế kỷ thứ 13. Lúc này kinh tế  bắt đầu chuyển hướng theo đà thương mại trong vùng thôi, Continue reading “Lịch sử nước Mỹ #9: Cách mạng thương mại châu Âu”

Reading about food & drink #3: sugar, tea, and Cockaigne

“The Peasant Wedding” (1567) by the Dutch painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder

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Memories of Milton’s Paradise Lost

Milton’s Satan and Eve are, in the words of Eva Brann, “the original moderns.” ~ pc pinterest

Lịch sử nước Mỹ #8: Châu Âu thám hiểm

Sau những lần tìm hiểu về người da đỏ trước thời kỳ Columbus, chúng ta chuyển hưởng về người da trắng bên châu Âu.  Bài này nói về châu Âu trước thời thám hiểm qua bên Mỹ, cùng vài lý do căn bản đầu tư thám hiểm của người Âu.

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The Brothers Karamazov or The Magic Mountain?

Prompted by a faculty discussion over Great Books in the modern era, I drove home last night thinking about these two great novels together.  I loved reading them, and so the best answer, at least for me, is, “The Brothers Karamazov and The Magic Mountain.”  Still, it was a good exercise comparing them during my drive on the PCH and I-405.

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