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My first and only time at the AHA


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Panel on Wilson Miscamble’s biography of Fr. Ted Hesburgh

This is a follow-up to my post on my dissertation advisor’s new book. Fr. Bill Miscamble told me that he expected his biography of Fr. Hesburgh won’t please many people, and now we have a good example in Kenneth Woodward’s review in Commonweal

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Wilson Miscamble’s new biography of Theodore Hesburgh


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The perfect Beatles love song

Here’s my first blog post ever from ten years ago this week, when I was in grad school.  How time flies! It’s slightly edited with added links and photos.

One of my fondest memories of last year was getting together every now and then with two grad friends to strum acoustic guitars and sing Beatles songs. Frequently enough, we did “Here, There and Everywhere,” with art historian Jen in lead vocal, fellow Americanist Matt in solo guitar, and me on rhythm guitar and backing vocal.

We rendered the song as close to the original recording as possible, and at the end of one such rendition, the normally low-key and quiet Matt let out, “It’s the best Beatles song ever!” KEEP READING!

Dissertation acknowledgements

I returned to South Bend for dissertation defense in March 2013 and wrote the acknowledgements a week later.  It’s probably the best part of the dissertation, ha!  To my eternal regret, however, I completely neglected to acknowledge the office administrators at ND Department of History.  A special if belated appreciation goes to Myrtle Doaks and Jeanette Torok.  As they had done for many history grads over the years, they helped me with many things – and always with good cheer – during and after my years in residence. Ladies, thank you so much!

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