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A nineteenth-century Vietnamese account of the Lourdes apparitions

One of the later apparitions to Bernadette ~ pc

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Marian reparation in a Vietnamese hymn

I’d written a post about Năm Xưa Trên Cây Sồi [Years Ago on an Oak Tree], which has been, in my opinion, the most popular devotional Marian hymn in Vietnamese. This post is about a different hymn that happens to be about Our Lady of Fatima as well. Continue reading “Marian reparation in a Vietnamese hymn”

Quarantine art from my students

Rothman fun #1
Hector saying goodbye to his wife and son before returning to the battlefield. Left: Painting by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, 1812. Right: Quarantine recreation by a student, her parents, and their puppy, 2020.

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Prof. Motivator: Remote instruction during COVID-19

home studio
Annotated scene of the makeshift studio for mini-lectures. Scroll down for more photos.

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Vietnamese American nail salons sewing masks against coronavirus

A salon in Tennessee has converted its nail stations into sewing ones.

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YouTube & iMovie for remote instruction

For the U.S. history survey, I’ve completed the first handful of mini-lectures. They run for 7-11 minutes each, and here is a three-minute sampling.

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Since feeling is first…

Slightly revised from a post on my old blog back in 2007.

Both Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni died yesterday: the former in the morning, the latter at night. This coincidence of passings brought to mind the same-day deaths of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. On July Fourth, no less!

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Conversations with high school classmates: Tim Bromelkamp


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Daily life in North Vietnam: Harish Mehta’s article on “economic crime”

Children in North Vietnam with fishing nets, 1967 ~ pc TASS / Valentin Sobolev

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