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Course evaluations on small groups & office hours during Zoom instruction

Thus far I’ve taught six classes (four preps) fully online: two over last summer and four over the fall semester. Because creating community in the classroom is central to my teaching philosophy, the following student comment was the most pleasing among the evals of six courses: “Even over Zoom he is able to create a community-feel in our Great Books class.”

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Letter essays from my students on Austen’s Persuasion

An illustration from an edition of Austen’s novels and letters published in 1906.
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Women provosts at faith-based colleges and universities

My university is having a national search for a new provost. Responsible for academic affairs, the provost is typically the second most important administrative position. The search made me wonder about something that I’d never thought before: who are the current provosts at private and faith-based universities like Pepperdine?

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The journey matters most: promotion and early promotion to full professor

Last December I received the news that I’d “passed” the first and by far most important stage of the tenure process. Having assumed the best outcome for the rest of the process, I created a road map a few days later. The road map was geared towards promotion to full professor as soon as possible.

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Quarantine art from my students

Rothman fun #1
Hector saying goodbye to his wife and son before returning to the battlefield. Left: Painting by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, 1812. Right: Quarantine recreation by a student, her parents, and their puppy, 2020.

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Prof. Motivator: Remote instruction during COVID-19

home studio
Annotated scene of the makeshift studio for mini-lectures. Scroll down for more photos.

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YouTube & iMovie for remote instruction

For the U.S. history survey, I’ve completed the first handful of mini-lectures. They run for 7-11 minutes each, and here is a three-minute sampling.

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The IGEA workshop and the Teaching Professor conference


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From delight to affection: Fall 2015 and beyond

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